People prefer brushes for application, and these can be hit or miss looking at the how even things look -your mileage may vary. Shall we start with the most basic. Coverage is often not very smooth or even, so this method is great since you don’t waste foundation. Use aContinue Reading
We found tricks that truly make a difference. Nor do they say that your brows must form a 42 degree arch. Instead, we asked leading makeup artists what they really do at fashion shows and photo shoots to solve pesky problems. They don’t mandate that your eye shadow match yourContinue Reading
Foundation provides the bases for all great faces of make up. It’s so important when choosing foundation that the colour compliments your skin perfectly. With that said, this step is as simple as spraying cool distilled water on your face in the morning. You’ll love the invigorating and rejuvenating effectContinue Reading
There lots of products out there to not merely used for making scrumptious teas, ice creams, and identical cold drinks. Of course it’s where you are literally scrubbing off the dirt. Anyway, the procedure for so it is slightly different. Oftentimes let it stay for a minute or so. ForContinue Reading
Exciting class this morning with a lot of new friends in the studio! Caramel squares without the caramel! My second sugar free experiment. Is coconut oil just for rubbing on your titties, or is it truly a ‘superfood’? Impressed with these little balls of healthy yummyness! Generally, won’t be heldContinue Reading
Therefore this will also so this step is as simple as spraying cool distilled water on your face in the morning. Generally, you can try incorporating any essential oil into your morning spritz. You can keep a spray can of distilled water in your refrigerator and save it for yourContinue Reading
When you think of Korean beauty it’s likely that sheet masks spring to mind. Loads of European brands have replicated the product and while a Oozoo mask might look similar when it’s on, it actually offers a completely new approach, with recent research from Witch Skincare revealing that 72 percentageContinue Reading
Regardless of if you’re a teen, adult, or elder, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve had a concern about your weight at some point or another. With all of the delicious but unhealthy foods we’re exposed to on a daily basis, it gets harder and harder to resist temptation.Continue Reading
Leave-in conditioner is known for protecting every woman’s hair from ending up dry, frizzy and tangled. However, some of the best brands on the market today are quite expensive. Fortunately, making your very own leave-in conditioner at home is not that hard to do. You just have to purchase fewContinue Reading
Beauty products are very important to every woman who wants to look gorgeous every single day. However, some of the best beauty products on the market can be a curse especially if you have a tight budget. Fortunately, you can now make some of your favorite products by yourself. YouContinue Reading
Choose a gentle cleanser similar to Malin + Goetz’s Grapefruit Face Cleanser, if you are a frequent face washer. This light and gentle oil free product will give you moisture you need without being greasy. You shouldn’t forget to follow up with a moisturizer like Malin + Goetz’s Vitamin EContinue Reading
Summer season is all about gloss! Forget matt finishes, that are difficult to wear in summer. Select a transparent or semitransparent lip color. You see, while emphasizing your tan and giving you a healthy looking glimmer, s the perfect texture against your subtle golden glow. With that said, there’re someContinue Reading